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London based womenswear fashion designer and illustrator, Alex Barnett is creative, highly motivated and embraces the subject of fashion. Having studied for three years in London (BA HONS) he has been able to practise the art of illustration through design and the art of construction through pattern drafting, realising his ideas and bringing them to life.
Alex�s work is very provocative, idealistic and embraces female sexuality. Weather it be blatant or concealed, it is always handled in an sophisticated way. His design style can be described as relaxed and casual tailoring but visually stimulating through colour pallets and fabric choices. Wool crepe, jersey, silks and meshes are a firm favourite and are motifs in his fabric selections.
Alex has a very versatile design approach, in terms of flexibility to desired markets levels. Alex has worked with high-end London designers such as Preen and also worked with high street level companies such as ASOS. In summer 09 Alex will collaborate with ASOS culminating in the sale of a one off piece. (yellow skirt, image 07)