• Torques blue three quarter length dress with vertical and bias folding and draping.
  • Orange colour dress with vertical folding and bias folding for the collar.
  • Purple jacket and high waist skirt with falling strip at the hem level in the skirt. This is one colour outfit.
  • Yellow colour jacket with detachable sleeves and a pencil skirt in cobalt blue. Contrasting colours strengthen the final look.
  • Cobalt blue, dark green and purple geisha dress with off shoulders. This can explain as coat dress with plunge neck line. Three
  • Yellow colour dress with folded collar and short puff sleeves made from three inch width fourty yards of woven strips. The colou
  • Alice in Woderland
  • Alice in Wonderland


Art and science are human devices used to understand the workings of the universe, fed by creativity and imagination. Science and Art are also very different but when they work in combination, dazzling things can happen. The purpose of this research is to present a new insight to conceptualize a pattern draping process and the concept called ‘Light Reflection and Refraction by Folding’ and initiated new insight to Sri Lankan handloom industry. The theory of ‘Light reflection and refraction’ used as two selvedges of the fabric strip, which highlighted light beams, fall on to a solid base and fabric folding over the body evokes the bounce off the light beams in different directions. Paper patterns not used in this project and the design development process was three-dimensional to two-dimensional. Ten outfits were developed that varied in draping, colors, folding, silhouette, width of the narrow loom fabric and the process of design development. The garments have been designed using two methods: draping over the pattern and draping over the mannequin. Each and every detail in the outfit – sleeves, collars, and pockets - were made by folding. Identified and explored innovative pattern draping and construction method by using hand loom stripes. This was followed by a number of new conceptual and technical predictions about garment finishing, construction, minimizing fabric wastage and silhouette development process.