Caitlin Purtill

BA (Hons) Theatre Design 2009

Wimbledon College of Arts


Having had a colourful and international upbringing and being influenced by various cultures and styles throughout my childhood, I have a rich pool of ideas to draw from.
Having grown up in Australia until the age of 12, I then moved to Germany, where I completed my primary education.
In 2006 I began my studies in the UK, specialising in Theater Design at Brighton University.
In 2009 I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Design for Performance at Wimbledon School of Art (University of The Arts, London).
After having completed a year of 'work and travel', I then moved to Berlin to persue my career as a freelance designer.
I am currently collaborating with a fashion designer, Juliette Springer, to create a lingerie line, which will be launched in the coming Autumn.
I have also been collaborating with a production designer from Australia, Pia Leong, on various performance projects in Berlin.
I am eager to gather new experiences by collaborating with fellow artists and contributing towards developments in contemporary art. I enjoy travelling and enjoy a career that keeps me on the move...



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