Charles Armstrong

BA (Hons) Graphic Design 2009

Camberwell College of Arts


I am a design student with ambitions to be a design professional. I am a type-smith, my work is mostly type based and centres around type design. My inspirations for type faces have included: jigsaw puzzles, neon tubing, chain link fencing, piles of newspaper, ancient Mesoamerican civilisations and 16th century Spanish explorers. I strive to create type faces that are engaging and meaningful. I like them to express themselves clearly and simply, I want them to challenge the notions of what a type face is and what it can do. If youre in a tight spot, I might have a type face for you, or at least one that sympathises with the situation.

Although type design is the main thrust of my work, I make myself busy with print making, film and animation and photography, I go back to type because it is the purest, simplest form of graphic expression and infinitely functional.



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