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Chloe Sin Yi Chung
A/W 2011 Fill in the blank"

This graduate collection consists of five looks from causal to cocktail look. This fall 2011 collection combines glamour with asymmetric from the creation of something original and fabulous look for fashion lovers. The collection was inspired by the 1920 in which the theme is to illustrate the use of parts of facial features. The collection used from light to dark colours i.e. pale pink to black. For age fading appearance, graded colour was used. Therefore, in the fashion show, it gave an impression of change of colour from light to black. Each piece of work represented a feature of the face where the shapes were developed from them i.e. mouth, eyes and ears. The whole collection is actually the face in which that is what everyone has. Textile-wise, as the design was based on facial expression, whereas the tears represented sadness as it is crying.

Chloe Chung, Hong Kong study at the London College of Fashion, completing a foundation diploma in art and design followed by BA Hons Fashion Design Technology: Surface Textile. The four years of college had gained her knowledge and experience in creativity and design which pushed her textile design technique and she can now make use of them to create her own collection. And also, it gave her opportunities to work as an intern for different designers. Last year’s placement with designer Ada Zandition, she had learnt the way and the requirements to run a fashion label.

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E-mail: sinyichung@gmail.com