Claire McArdle

PG Dip Fine Art 2012

Chelsea College of Arts


Born in 1982. Living and working in London.

Recently I have been making objects based on tools; I have adapted existing tools, changing their potential use, leaving questions as to how they could potentially be used or were once used. I am interested in the role of the tool as a functional and/or non-functional object. I am not trying to create improvements on existing tools but suggesting an alternative use unique to a certain time and place.

An important part of my practice is the role of the participant and their interpretation of my work. I am interested in the idea of making rules for making and working: This could involve creating devices with arbitrary measurements on or simple instructions in which the participant would have to translate.

The subject of interpretation runs through every aspect of my work; from the way the participant interprets rules and instructions, to how society interprets measurements/rulers and the way the viewer interprets the potential usage of the tools.



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