Corie McGowan

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print And Time-Based Media 2016

Wimbledon College of Arts


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Corie Denby McGowan is a highly motivated and emerging contemporary fine artist working within a manifestation of moving image, collage and print. Ultimately creating an immersive artistic experience that is not only engaging but manipulative of the audience.

McGowan has developed a distinctive aesthetic within all areas of her practise re-creating memorising visuals that are presented in a highly exaggerated and grotesque paradigm. Works can only be described as a visual feast of sumptuous, seductive and psychedelic imagery. Responding to identity mechanisms within contemporary culture she questions gender encompassed stereotypes and creates an unashamed celebration of the hyper feminine where the feminine symbol is seen of that advocates power and confidence. In context works focus in on the extremes found in commercial advertising and the media while conversely attempting to highlight that link between fine art consumption and the consumerist culture.

Works somewhat exist as a reconstructed pretence of media and internet culture in a consumerist society. McGowan seeks the ability that commercial advertising has to control audiences and craves to find ways in which the spectatorship of the body and the representation of Woman on screen can be powerfully redefined. Furthermore exploring the ideas surrounding moving image and its growth as a mass power structure and how today it dominates society with its ever constant existence and the ways in which it becomes cross-embedded into our everyday lives. @coriedenbymcgowan



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