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  • _FAUNA+FLORA_ print:devika rattu_ dress:sofia ilmonen_ photographer:kasia wozniak_ models:sophia at select and katharina at M+P_
  • _FAUNA+FLORA_ print:devika rattu_ dress:sofia ilmonen_ photographer:kasia wozniak_ models:katharina at M+P_
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  • _CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW_ midnight mauve_
  • _CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW_ so sofresh_
  • _FAUNA+FLORA_ print:devika rattu_ dress:sofia ilmonen_ photographer:kasia wozniak_ models:sophia at select_
  • _FAUNA+FLORA_ print:devika rattu_ dress:sofia ilmonen_ photographer:kasia wozniak_ models:sophia at select and katharina at M+P_
  • _ILLUSTRATION_heliotrope_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_alchemillas aqua_ nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_alpine majesti_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_blackthorn_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_catnip_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_erythropoda_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_crown imperial_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_foxglove_nina de yorke
  • _ILLUSTRATION_abutilon_nina de yorke
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  • _f&f_repeat print
  • f&f_repeat print
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  • f&f_devore+dyeing_screen printed
  • _f&f_repeat print_devore_screen printed
  • _f&f_screen printed+devore
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  • _f&f_print sample_digitally printed_devore
  • _f&f_print development
  • _f&f_print placement
  • _f&f_screen_printed sample
  • _f&f_repeat print
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  • _print exploration_devore+dyeing
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  • 2013 School of Design Technology Annual_34_
  • 2013 School of Design Technology Illustration Annual_71-4_
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  • _FLORAL DECAY_look1_photographer:GMGP_model:sophie at Select_beauty:pace chen_
  • _FLORAL DECAY_look2_photographer:GMGP_model:sophie at Select_beauty:pace chen_
  • _FLORAL DECAY_look3_photographer:GMGP_model:sophie at Select_beauty:pace chen_
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  • _colour experimentation
  • _FLORAL DECAY_look4_photographer:GMGP_model:sophie at Select_beauty:pace chen_
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  • _print exploration_devore+dyeing

copyright © 2015 devika rattu

______________________________FLORAL DECAY

Devika Rattu is a Surface Textiles Designer specialising in Print through traditional screen-printing and digital printed textiles. Her work explores printing and dyeing techniques with a modern twist by distorting and warping her artwork to create something distinctly unique.

Her Spring/Summer 2014 collection Floral Decay is a high-end womenswear collection, which stemmed from the idea that man-made cites are created by destroying natural landscapes. Then when man no longer has use for the structures, the invasion of nature and the decaying process takes over and creates something delicately beautiful, fragile and unique. Looking at the visual record of physical decay shown in the work of Marchand and Meffre’s ‘Ruins of Detroit’ the photography explores abandonment by people, society and the presence of past lives within the derelict buildings.

The collection draws on traditional print processes of Devore and dyeing used in a contemporary way with unconventional fabrics. The techniques have been extensively refined to showcase a highly creative development of textiles. Both techniques required long periods of time to explore, test and perfect, creating a distinctive collection. The dyeing and printing process has been a fundamental aspect to the collection. The importance of colour is paramount to Devika’s vision through her collection, especially the transformation of her artwork into printed textiles.

An integral part to the development of Devika’s work is her floral illustrations. Specialising in organic watercolour paintings rich in colour, distorted and warped to form graphic structural shapes, which won her a prize for Chelsea Flower Show competition and an annual membership to the Royal Horticultural Society. Then developed for the illustration competition Nina De Yorke and used to create an instillation for the 2013 LCF Press Exhibition.


London College of Fashion
Ba (Hons) Fashion Design Technology_Surface Textiles

London College of Fashion
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

______________________________WORK EXPERIENCE

Anna Sui -New York-
Pattern Making Intern
July-September 2012

Giles -London-
Sample Room Intern
January-May 2012

Freelance Print Designer_ Mirjam Roudén -London-
Design Intern
April-May 2011

______________________________ ACHIEVEMENTS

Runner up_Chelsea Flower show t-shirt competition
Annual membership for The Royal Horticultural Society

Collaborative photo shoot, producing 2 dresses and a headpiece for Fauna & Flora

Selected as participant for Illustration 2013

Finalist for Nina de York Illustration Competition


Adobe_ InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator
Screen printing_ discharge, devore, polychromatic, acid, procion_ sublimation
Digital Printing
Domestic embroidery and knitting machines
Drawings and technical drawings
Pattern Cutting


Print_ Devika Rattu
Dress_ Sofia Ilmonen
Creative Director_ Rob Philips
Photographer_ Kasia Wozniak
Models_ Sophia at Select and Katharina at M+P
Beauty_ Pace Chen
Nails_ Lauren Michelle Pires

Photographer_ GMGP
Model_ Sophie at Select
Beauty_ Pace Chen