• 'The Pigman'(2013): MA13 Performance during LFW
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Artefacts on display
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): MA13 Performance
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Audience interaction during MA13 Performance
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Drawing Tool no.2
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Drawing Tool no.1
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Pig mask & drawing tool no.1
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Briefcase & Drawing Tool no.1
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Pig mask & drawing tool no.1
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): Final Illustration
  • 'The Pigman'(2013): MA13 Performance
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration?' (2010): Pigman
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration?'(2010): Road Trip
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration?' (2010): Live Illustration no.1 produced while filming
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration? (2010): Film
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration' (2010): Live Illustration @ LCF Carnaby st PV
  • 'What is Fashion Illustration?' (2010): Private View @ LCF Carnaby St
  • Project 2: Collaboration with Mikyoung Kim
  • Project 2: Collaboration with Mikyoung Kim
  • Project 2: Collaboration with Andrea Belil

-----------------------< Project summary >------------------------

A continued journey to inquire about what constitutes Fashion in the name of creativity. My practice aims to emphasize the challenge on how fashion (with & without context) is perceived with a narrow perspective, and also to celebrate its art. Furthermore, my creative expedition aims to formulate a system of platform that inherits Freud’s psychoanalysis. And the archival system embodies a re-interpreted theory in my own understanding as principal elements.

To achieve what I envisage, I have created Artefacts that represent the key elements to my internal inquiries. And the Artefacts were incorporated as physical stimuli in a performance set to juxtapose my queries about the unconscious effect of objects, and its effect in drawing practice.

The performance is hosted by the ‘Pigman’- a representative figure during my previous degree’s final project “What is Fashion Illustration?” - and the set employs both ego & alter ego in human form, disguised in pig masks.

First set of works is from MA Fashion Artefact (2013), ‘The Pigman’

Second set of works are from BA(Hons) Fashion Illustration (2010), ‘What is Fashion Illustration?’

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Photography by Maryjane Neumeister & Daniel Jon