Felix Treadwell

BA (Hons) Painting 2015

Camberwell College of Arts


My work deals with the questions and implications of the impact of Internet Culture with today’s young generations, and the way it has reshaped the interactions and relationships between the East and West. I want to explore ideas around the ever more blurring distinction between cultures; with media and information becoming both faster and increasingly accessible, to question whether this is a positive of negative step in the modern day.

The paintings have a quality to them where, like much of the new age media within The Web, it is difficult to distinguish their cultural origin or heritage. The work I create is intentionally bereft of any esoteric allusions, and I think that’s intrinsic for painting to adapt in today’s world, referring back to the accessibility around media that now exists. I want to challenge these themes through the medium of painting, referencing both 20th Century Western and Eastern painting, because painting is the most accessed art form worldwide, reflecting the power of Internet Culture.

The work also takes influence from today’s experience of youth, where I feel is a place that children and teenagers are left to create their own identity and interact in a void of unknown, which raises concerns about the notions of vulnerability, intimidation and conformity in youth. I feel that the questioning of contemporary social environments in today’s painting is relatively vague, and needs to be highlighted and questioned more so in today’s art world.




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