• FMP - Design Development for Look Two
  • FMP - Line Up Selection of Proposed Garments
  • FMP - Design Development for Look Four
  • FMP - Companion Models Holding References
  • FMP - Design Development for Look Two
  • FMP | Pillow Coat | Look One
  • FMP - Sibyl's Cushion Coat
  • FMP | Belted Stretch Crepe Jumper Dress
  • FMP - Initial Standwork
  • FMP - Initial Research Imagery
  • FMP - Inspired by Verner Panton - Danish Designer
  • FMP - Collage of Sibyl's (fictional muse) desired textures and elements.
  • FMP - Gingham For Him and Her.
  • FMP- Sibyl - the fictional muse.
  • Pre-Collection | Sibyl's Debut | Look One
  • Pre-Collection | Sibyl's Debut | Look Two
  • Pre-Collection | Sibyl's Debut
  • Aesthetics and Identities (PAST PROJECT) Buffalo Leather.

Fashion Designer |
with a focus of the use leathers and skins.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fletcher_benedict/?hl=en


Sibyl is an Arcadian of a visualized fictitious reinvented swinging sixties London. She combines and embodies the modernity and reinvented conservatism of the time. Personifying in self-presentation a ‘brash’, arrogant yet traditional ethos that emboldens the thought of current encouraged new pretentions of society. As a designer this reflects the possessed flair for eclecticism.

In the course of experimentation on the observed retro habitats, the collection has diversified in reflection of past-maintained aesthetics in design and work formatting. Collaging and flat pattern cutting in such a two dimensional style has in fact transcended the regular outlook on earlier projects. Engorging Nonsense Sibyl to a point of fantastical levels never thought in keeping to personal aesthetics prior to starting the degree; even too the final year of study, perhaps this is a semi historical expression of the surrounding society to an impressionable young designer.

Work Experience : Sibling London #siblingsquad

2014 - 2017 London College of Fashion BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology Womenswear
2013 - 2014 Plymouth College of Art Foundation in Art and Design (Fashion and Textiles Pathway)
2006-2013 Kingsbridge Community College (SixthForm)