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  • MATTER MATTERS S/S 2013 / Photography: www.hill&aubrey.com/
  • MATTER MATTERS S/S 2013 /Photography: www.hill&aubrey.com/

The designer Flora Leung is a graphic designer from Hong Kong. Leung was the creative director of a celebrated vintage luxury accessory store in Hong Kong, where she served as head buyer. She simultaneously worked as a freelance graphic designer and as art director at one of the biggest advertising agencies in Hong Kong. Flora then attended London College of Fashion with an eye to creating her own label. Flora was also named graphic design student of the year while at Birmingham City University.The retro style of her collection and her taste for classic luxury are influenced by Leung's six years as buyer and creative director of a high-end vintage store.

Leung believes fashion accessories design begins with understanding the relationship between product and life. A bag is not just a container: how it is carried, held and opened are all design essential elements.

Matter Matters - Inspiration looks to Post Modernism, Art Deco, the school of Memphis and design recalling Bauhaus and Cubism. It's great when accessories are made to last, or, to put it in the words of Flora Leung. Born in Hong Kong and trained at the London College of Fashion, the first Matter Matters collection was designed to stay stylish from year to year, with high-quality leather and straightforward. As the name implies, the choice of forms and material are the essence of its design. Inspired by the colours of David Hockney and Edward Hopper, themselves two modern classics, Matter Matters' First Collection proves that substance never goes out of style.The point of arrival is a range of accessories featuring geometric lines and pure colors, where innovative ideas meet a passion for design.

Accessories achievements :
- LCF Graduate Press Exhibition 2012.
- One of the finalists of design-a-bag competition in student group in 2012
- One of the finalists of the fifth annual independent handbag designer awards in student group in 2011

The label "MATTER MATTERS" originates from her final year project in London College of Fashion which had received a distinction and the first collection of the label " Matter Matters " would launch the store in 2013 in Hong Kong. MATTER MATTERS continuously inspired by passionate ideas and personalities, so if you feel you have anythings add to our world, feel free to contact us.

E : flora@matterreallymatters.com

Interview about Flora Leung:

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