George Cullen

MA Visual Arts: Book Arts 2011

Camberwell College of Arts


A moment of brief isolation.

An experience of structure, space and time.

A book sitting in a place that you and it are part of. An object that mediates between an outer and inner space. A constant shift between a realisation of presence and engagement through content.

A parallel experience. In spaces:

Isolated and part of the world.

Running alongside but separate.

You are drawn through this parallel space. Through pages hinged on a spine. You move without moving.

The book relies on this movement. The book promotes this movement through design. An action in the turn of a page is a cause. A cause for what?

Like the book the flag is also an icon of action. It carries message. It has a center. As if the center spread of the book becomes a flag. As if to get to the middle of the book you understand its meaning, its construction. Or maybe not, there is still another half before you get to the end.

Without cause the center spread can leave the reader in a stagnated state. The book should command a desire to be read. The action of turning the page inherent to the nature of reading. If there is no desire to progress or read on, then the idea is in limbo. Caught between the beginning and the end of the book. The idea does nothing but reiterate the structure.

An awareness of the spine, an awareness of the book as having a before and after and also an awareness of the book in relation to yourself. The book stopped for a moment of outward thought becomes a space within a space.



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