giada giachino

MA Design (Jewellery) 2016

Central Saint Martins


What is the impact of sustainability on the traditional coral and cameo production?Can sustainable design reframe the artisanal production in the contemporary jewellery market?

The research for this collection investigated the traditional cameo and coral jewellery production industry processes, to understand whether sustainable approaches might be able to reframe them for a contemporary market place.Re-­contextualizing materials both from food and jewellery industry-­such as lobster, mussels and shell ‘lips’-­Per Inciso reimagines the coral and cameo aesthetic language, offering a vision for change.The result offers newly designed materials for the jewellery industry and beyond, derived from lobster fishing industry waste with an interesting and subtle colour palette.

The collection also proposes new uses for engraving to utilize mussel shell waste and jewellery that features shell-­lip waste from cameo production.The project does not conceal the origins of the shells, but highlights the future possibilities that these up-­cycled materials reveal when applied to traditional jewellery techniques.The project aims to re-­establish the relationship between jewellery and the user by focusing on the holistic, innovatory yet sensual materiality within these objects.



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