• The Frog- garment as Habitat
  • The Frog- expansion
  • The Frog- home
  • The Frog
  • The Frog
  • The Frog- Jump
  • The Frog-
  • The Frog- setting illustration
  • The Frog- illustration
  • The Frog- Final Design illustration
  • The Cerry Orchard
  • Firs- Final Illustration
  • Be Frank- The Altar
  • Be Frank- Frank carries The Altar
  • Be Frank
  • Be Frank- Frank with Old Saul's skull
  • 'Be Frank'- MA Final Performance
  • Be Frank- The Altar
  • Be Frank- The Altar
  • Be Frank- The Altar detail


I am a Canadian-born Costume Designer with a technical background in Fashion Design from Ryerson University in Toronto who's driven by a passion for Film and Television. My work reflects my technical flexibility and a core belief that a Costumier must be varied in all aspects from illustration styles to construction concepts.


"The Cunning Little Vixen" by Leos Janacek

Character: the Frog
Performer: Brett John

The initial inspiration for this piece was 'Bladerunner' by Ridley Scott and specific features of the comic book medium- using these elements allowed me to alter the traditional scope of the opera and attempt to view the narrative in a hyper modern scope.

"The Cherry Orchard" by Anton Chekov

Character: Firs- aged servant
Performer: Frank Gordon

The short film is focused on the very small, yet incredibly tragic character of the family's elderly servant. He is a man removed from his own time, unable to cope or participate in the coming modernity as society around him is changing drastically. This persuaded my choice to bring the Cherry Orchard's setting into 1970s America as the time frame held many of the same elements- Vietnam War over, ''The Third Great Awakening" (a social concept of moving towards individualism instead of communitarianism) and the advent of computers.

"Be Frank"
adapted from 'The Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks

Characters: Frank & The Altar
Performer: Fionn Cox-Davies

"Be Frank"

Frank (Frances) L. Cauldhame a young, angry teen sociopath living on a remote Scottish island with a father he distrusts, no mother, and the scars of an dog who castrated him. Dealing with social isolation manifested in Frank many ways- he created the Wasp Factory and the Altar. Respectively a contraption that through ritual and death sacrifice knowledge can be learned, and a creation through which ritual can bring a communication with his brother. The story is complex but at it’s core the piece explores the consequences of isolation and the relationship Frank displays with his creation.

"The End is There"
An original work by me

Photography & Model:
Marisa Renaud- Montreal, Canada

These pieces were done as my Final project of my BA Fashion Design at Ryerson University in Toronto- their style is much more of a hybrid of Costume and Fashion than my other works. My objective was to create the stereotypical roles often found in the fantasy genre- A Beast, A Damsel, A Witch, A Warrior and A Villain. The 5 outfit collection is comprised of 32 separate pieces using an amalgamation of traditional leather crafting techniques and modern sewing construction.
Each piece has 'wild trap' Red Fox fur- 16 pelts total- sponsored to me by the Fur Council of Canada winning a national award and competed internationally in Milan, Italy.

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