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With a BA in Applied Arts:Jewellery and the wide range of knowledge and technical abilities achieved, I decided to persue a Masters in Fashion Artefacts to push personal boundaries, within both design and technique.

The concept behind my MA collection derived from my own childhood traumatic experiences of multiple deaths within the family. Two of the nine deaths were members of my close family and both of these deaths (as well as many others) were a result of cancer.

For this reason the topic of disintegration and the degeneration of mind and body have always been of interest and the project was a cathartic method of using these traumatic life experiences in my practice based studio work; the designs were formed through both construction and surface detailing techniques; using leather and metal. The intention was to juxtapose the ugliness of the disease and the �beauty� of cancer, the metamorphosis of one�s body from one form, into another through the disease and treatment received. Challenging aspects both physically and mentally of how cancer is perceived.

The collection has been completely hand fabricated from start to finish, using a mixture of techniques old and new, this includes; laser cutting, pattern cutting, moulding, metalsmithing, hand dying and hand stitching.

Photography by Karoliina Barlund.

For information please do not hesitate to contact Sarah on 07843559856, heulwen.lewis@yahoo.co.uk