Jessica Roper

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2013

Chelsea College of Arts


My work reflects on two types of order within a space, one that is imposed and one that is appropriated. Institutionalized spaces combine both kinds of ordering, in a space that is demarcated and gridded. In these spaces self-duplicating patterns endlessly repeat.

I respond to the ordering systems of a space with an intervention that alters the space. I do not intend to emancipate the space from order, or merely to reveal the order for the spectator. My work reorients the space around a new axis. My intention is that the work creates a jar in the space, allowing the viewer to think of the space differently (not merely the experience of a repetition).

Working directly with the existing matter of a space, I make aware or reveal the overlooked of familiar experience. Beginning with observations of how a space functions, both physically and socially or psychologically, these observations, when translated into interventions plot a theoretical diagram by which to see how a space functions, and how people an objects with in the space function, ultimately suggesting how easily this can be reconfigured.

The work responds and adjusts to a space and lasts for a pre-determined period of time, usually the time of an exhibition; however even when or if destroyed in many ways it still remains.



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