• black dress
  • long black dress
  • black top with beige inside hat by Fleur Goedendorp
  • black coat with long vent
  • red dress
  • red dress
  • black top cream collar hat by Fleur Goedendorp
  • black dress white collar
  • trousers and top
  • black coat cream neck
  • black coat cream neck
  • white top black skirt
  • black and tan coat
  • black jacket white skirt with red vent
  • black dress white neckline hat by Fleur Goedendorp

The aim of this collection was to compare parallels between space, time, perspective, and morality within my work, and in light of the work of Anish Kapoor, and 19th Centuary Painting, to generate a sense of place in the space we occupy.
Process is key to my design methodology, allowing myself to excavate, and trust the interaction between the process of making and the meanings that arrive out of that process to inform my rationale and design decisions,
My main motivation within the collection was to reinforce the message of spirit borne by the primal simplicity of shape, to contain control and encase, to inhibit the notion of infinity and to generate a sense of place between object and body.