Joshua Philpott

BA (Hons) Sculpture 2016

Camberwell College of Arts


I like the language of the built environment, a sign-post tells you where London Fields is so you can go to/avoid London Fields, the building fronts of cafés are quaint and familiar so you feel homely and trendy, the skate-stop is a comma which breaks up the flow of park benches to slow and deter scratches from tail- sliding skate-boarders – a Knute-esque defiance of urban decay (and entropy), the parking kerb is a full-stop for the end of your journey.

I like the mundane poetry of the status update, the banal literature of social media that constitutes a part of the second-self projected online by those who write them but are read only fleetingly, how they resemble post-internet literature and change out of context.

I like the artifice of the built environment, the objects placed within these environments which dictate movement and activity, directive architectures of the city conglomerating into a unique identity for a place which affect how people identify themselves within them.

I like making objects, using words, doing site-specific installations and interventions in physical and online places.

Model credit: Ebun A. Sodipo



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