• Concept Board
  • Jubin. 2013 Collection Inspiration
  • Jubin. 2013. Detail Board
  • Jubin. 2013. Initial Designs
  • Jubin 2013 Shoe Range
  • Jubin 2013 Boot Range
  • Jubin. 2013 Collection. Colour Range
  • Jubin. F/W 2013 Collection
  • Jubin. 2013 Collection
  • Jubin. BFC Photo shoot. Creative Director. Rob Phillips. Photography. Hill & Aubrey. Beauty: Pace Chen
  • Jubin. 2013. Design Sheet & Specification Sheet
  • Jubin. 2013. DoubleFacingOxford
  • Jubin. 2013. TasselLoafer
  • Jubin. 2013. DoubleVampOxford
  • Jubin. 2013 Collection Logo

Jubin Yoo
BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development

The concept behind my collection, ‘Passage of time’ is ageing – a process that is shared by humans, nature, every object living or non-living. The beauty of ageing is fascinating. The physical outcome of ageing is unpredictable, which creates individuality. Not only do I see footwear as a temporary tool for protecting feet and a fashionable item but I also define shoes as embodying an individual’s life experience. I design classic men’s footwear with a comprehensive understanding of construction with a twist in design. Particularly respecting craftsmanship and focusing on the quality of the products, all the materials and designs are carefully picked and created for prospective wearers. Rather than using vibrant colours to get attention, I insist on using toned down colour leathers to emphasize the design and quality. My collection is made with natural veg-tanned leather with minimum dye for eco-friendly production.