Kelise Franclemont

MA Fine Art 2015

Chelsea College of Arts


  • Kelise Franclemont, presentation of work, 04June2015 for Chelsea MA Fine Art on Vimeo
  • broken window (2013) on Vimeo


Kelise Franclemont's work responds to research and personal experience around key areas of interest that centres around duality: Other/Self, conscious/subconscious, me/you, us/them and relationships between the two. Current reflection focuses on art and conflict, particularly around the historical, social and political concerns that arise from the relationship between Palestine and Israel.

In a recent project, "Taxi Driver Dialogue" (2012-13), the artist has created an unlikely conversation between two taxi drivers by combining their voices, recorded surreptitiously during the journeys between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and back again.

More generally, drawing is the primary instrument in Kelise's multi-disciplinary practice, along with other means of expression such as animation, installation and object-making.

Kelise lives and works in London.

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