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Currently studying at the London College of Fashion for her second BA degree, Lako Bukia has already achieved a first class honours degree in Fashion Design and Textiles from A. Kutateladze Tbilisi State Academy of Art, shown to international acclaim in her home country of Georgia, has been hand selected to show at Ukrainian Fashion Week, has exhibited and studied at Central St Martins and also taken a course at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Lako has also worked with acclaimed stylist Katie Burnett to gain insight into the world of fashion styling.
Inspired by the minimalistic, geometric shapes associated with the Cubism movement, Lako Bukia has taken her signature bold style and developed a crisp, linear look in her new collection cubart. Motivated by Pablo Picasso’s renowned artwork and the theatrical costumes of Russian Cubists, Lako Bukia’s Cubart is an arresting collection indicative of this powerful movement.

The collection is presented in black and white to create clear contrast between the asymmetric shapes. Use of stripes of opposing fabrics – black velvet and white wool – creates unique outlined forms which are typically cubist. Lako Bukia has specifically worked to encapsulate a common theme in cubism where a form close up and from a distance creates two completely different styles. Lako has artfully recreated this in her fabrics and forms.