• SS14 'Blue Epoch' - YVES
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - KLEIN
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - INK
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - SKY
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - YVES
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - SPECTRUM
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - LAZULI
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - MARINE & INDIGO
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - ULTRA
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - AZURITE
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - COLBOLT
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - HARMONY RESRAINT
  • SS14 'Blue Epoch' - EGYPTIAN
  • SS14 Ready-to-wear - MATADOR
  • SS14 Ready-to-wear - DESIRE
  • SS14 Ready-to-wear - ABSOLUTE ME BOATER
  • Solomon
  • Red's Riding Hood
  • Halo Headband
  • AW13 'Are You Fur Real?' - Extra Large Poms
  • AW13 'Are You Fur Real?' - Heavy Pom Pom Piece
  • Hypothalamus - Couture Sparterie Piece
  • Side View - Sparterie Couture Piece
  • Back view - Couture Spartiere Piece
  • Amygdala - Leather Layered Teardrops
  • Side View - Leather Layered Teardrops
  • Back View - Leather Layered Teardrops
  • Corpus Callosum - PVA Cellular Structure
  • Side View - PVA Cellular Structure
  • Laura Apsit LIvens - Blue Suede Donut
  • Laura Apsit LIvens - Blue Suede Donut
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New SS14 Collection - 'Blue Epoch' http://www.lauraapsitlivens.co.uk/ss14-blue-epoch/

As a hat designer I think is of the upmost importance that we do not see Couture Millinery disappear. It is important to me to use modern designs with old couture techniques, each piece being hand blocked and individually hand stitched and without the use of any machinery.

Influenced by unusual uses of material and working through the concept of 'Skin' for my final collection produced for my degee, I wanted to combine everything I have learnt about leather with my millinery skills. I used raw inspiration from the human body and, using unconventional materials, I have created unusual and unique pieces.

My objective was to design pieces which would also be seen as pieces of art. My pieces are always hand stiched, bespoke and of the highest quality; perfection is the only option. Materials used are unusual but aesthetically pleasing, making the mind question what it is looking at.

I am currently working for my own company Laura Apsit Livens Limited, I have now produced 4 collections including AW13 'Are you fur Real?

I have been collaborating with other designers most recently being with Louis Vuitton, and other companies such as Boodles Jewellers

Contact: laura@lauraapsitlivens.co.uk