Lesley Gallacher

Foundation Diploma In Art And Design 2012

London College of Communication


  • Circus Freaks
  • MAQ00239 1


With previous Degrees in Psychology and Philosophy and a background in Counselling Psychology, I decided to take a career break to nurture my more creative talents. Final year project won two awards; 'Award for innovation' and 'Best use of Technical Area'.

I'm interested in social constructionist theories of reality and how we as humans continually construct our identities by re-enacting cultural norms. I explore these ideas within 'cabinet of curiosities' and Circus Freaks'. Other interests include, psychological therapy, interaction design, concept art/ design, photography and film.

Here is a flavour of what I got up to whilst studying an art and design foundation...

'Cabinet of Curiosities' 2011 is a digital image of an installation. Copper lined Chest, Golden Apple Snails and Water. Using Golden Apple Snails (essentially hermaphrodites) this work is a visual representation of biological sex as a continuum.

'Circus Freaks' 2012 is an example of capturing and reshaping through webcam preconceived conceptions of 'normality'.

'Pod Therapy' 2012 my final year project produced an interactive piece, which worked as a 'physical space' as a public access point for confidential psychological online therapy.



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