Lidija Kononenko

BA Honours Photography 2013

London College of Communication


  • Preview of  A Guide to Walking in Public


I am a London-based artist, working primarily with still and moving image, performance, and text in written and spoken forms. Through analysis of the visual language of the body and behavioural patterns in personal relationships, my practice engages with notions of control and paradox within intimacy.

Consisting of six short films, A Guide to Walking in Public (2013) is a step-by-step example of behaviour in public spaces, structured to echo the audience’s sequence of actions during a day of visiting an exhibition. Focusing on walking, the work questions the absurdity of a universal and natural act carrying social attachment. The etiquettes include political restrictions of where one is permitted to walk, alongside body language - a method of self-expression with gestural posture and gait. The scenarios are based in public spaces; chapters including How to Walk Confidently, How to Walk in Public, How to Behave on Public Transport, How to Behave at a Gallery Private Viewing, How to Behave in Public Toilets and How to Exit and Walk Home Safely. At the degree show the videos were installed around the gallery space with each screen connected by a guiding tape on the floor.



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