• Lili Colley Eye hat Manish Arora S/S 2015
  • SuperNova hat
  • SuperNova hat -Green/Grey
  • SuperNova hat- Gold
  • Radiant Necklace-Gold
  • Radiant Chocker Necklace
  • Tri Velocity- Blue
  • Radiant Necklace-Blue
  • Tri Eye Necklace
  • Winning International Talent Award/Swarovski Elements Award.jury Ute Schumacher-Vice President Trend & Design SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
  • SuperNova adorned with Swarovski crystals
  • SuperNova Neck Piece
  • International Talent Support 2013 award and winner of Swarovski Elements
  • Geo Deco Neck Piece and Bracelet -Royale
  • Geo Hexa hat -Royale
  • Geo Hexa hat -Royale and Geo Deco Necklace-Royale
  • Geo Deco necklace- Royale
  • Photography Lee Kirby Stylist Sarah Winton
  • Geo Hexa hat-orange Vogue Gioiello
  • Roger spy-Stylist Leonora Scott
  • Colour Me In
  • Geo Hexa - Fire
  • Geo Spiral Necklace B&W
  • Ggeo Hexa - Royale
  • Geo Hexa Ring and Neck Piece- Fire
  • Fashion Jewellery Lili Colley, Photographer AD Vaughan, Model Meg
  • Geo Hexa - Fire
  • Geo Hexa space Neck Piece and Pheromone Neck Piece,photography Giovanni Martins Stylist Anastasia Rasschupkina
  • Geo Dco Space Bracelet photography Giovanni Martins styling Anastasia Rasschupkina MUAH Tanya Sammatti
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • VOGUE ITALIA May 2013 on Vimeo
  • Vogue Italia May issue 2013
  • Vogue Italy Gioiello
  • Collezioni Accessori
  • Vogue Italia suggestions
  • Vogue Gioiello - Geo Hexa hat-Orange
  • The Aram Gallery
  • The Aram Gallery Covent Garden
  • The Aram Gallery Concept Light Display
  • The Aram Gallery Covent Garden
  • Lili Colley - Geo Deco Jewellery Collection on Vimeo
  • New York Post- Geo Hexa - Space
  • Hexa Neck Piece -Blue
  • Geo Hexa Neck Piece -Fire
  • Geo Hexa Cluster
  • Geo Hexa Necklace -Space
  • Geo Hexa Ring-Blue
  • Geo Hexa drop Necklace
  • Geo Hexa V Necklace
  • Deco Gold Necklace
  • Geo Deco Necklace-Difusion
  • Geo Spiral Necklace-Mono
  • Deco White Neck Piece
  • Blue Deco LEDs Neck Piece back
  • Blue Deco LEDs Neck Piece
  • Geo Spiral Braclet -Fire
  • Blue Geo Bracelet 2- Shop Piece
  • New African Woman, Issue 17
  • New African Woman, Issue 17
  • New African Woman, Issue 17
  • Cover for New African Woman Magazine
  • Lili Colley - Interview on Vimeo
  • White Difusion Neck piece
  • White Difusion Neck piece
  • Geo Deco 3D Necklace -White
  • Photographer: Abigail Denton / Georgia Devey Smith, stylist Bethany Norman
  • Geo Rings
  • Geo Rings and Cassette Ring
  • Undergraduate Catwalk Show 2012
  • BA & FdA Runway Show.. Fashion Jewellery Lili Colley, Womens Wear Rose Irwin.Swimwear Diana Auria
  • LCF Runway 2012
  • LCF Runway 2012
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • Pheromone
  • Cells
  • Cells
  • cells - Photographed by Tolga Akmen - Modelled by Serwaa Memi-Jones
  • Mask


International award Winning Fashion Jewellery Designer
Geo Deco Collection

For the 'Geo Deco Collection' I was inspired by light. There's a great energy as the sun shines in the day and when lights glow in the dark.
I'm fascinated by light, and as it moves how it changes shapes, reflects and refracts.
As the sun shines through coloured glass, its a delight as the hues of colours flood in its moving path.
The sun mixes with water and oils to create spectrums of colour and It makes us feel happy, alive and awake...
I use layers of different coloured light conducting perspex, mixed with mirrors, brass and in some pieces, LEDs.
As the Jewellery moves, light catches the layers of material absorbing the lights energy, enhancing the colours as they conduct and glow brightly catching the eye.
I work hard with the materials to get a great finish, to give it a polished, shiny, glassy effect and top it with brass to enrich and make it shine golden.
The jewellery collection are individual pieces of art... They are structured and made to capture and entertain its audience.
I like the pieces to have extra dimensions. The Jewellery is new and innovative, yet people connect as they see and find familiarities and memories within.