• OVERTHEPEAK // mont-blanc
  • OVERTHEPEAK // cervin
  • OVERTHEPEAK // weisshorn
  • OVERTHEPEAK // zinalrothorn
  • OVERTHEPEAK // dent-blanche
  • OVERTHEPEAK // bishorn


OTP is the result of a clash between the wild and
unpredictable natural world and the technical urbanism of
city life. The myth of the Dahu was a major influence. This is a
legendary creature from the Swiss Alps, who is an animal similar
to a mountain goat, but with legs of different lengths to fit the
mountain’s side. This enables the creature to walk upright on the
slopes of the mountains in one direction only. For my collection,
this myth functions as an alternative view on footwear - as a way
to think about footwear and the foot differently to the norm.
I asked myself, how do we has humans, adapt ourselves to an
environment like a mountain range as this mythological goat
does? We can attempt this through accessories. We add technical
elements to help ourselves to acclimate to our surroundings, with
spiked shoes and snow boots. We accessorise the shoes, which
are in essence an accessory themselves. The shoes become a
surface on which to add further accessories.


*Cordwainers Dato’ Jimmy Choo MA Award (2016)
*32nd International festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyeres: Winner of the Accessories competition (2017)

Contact: marina.chedel@gmail.com
Website: http://marinachedel.com/