• Sinitta Backpack
  • Sinitta Backpack
  • Sinitta Backpack
  • Krystal wears the Sandra Shoulder Bag
  • Sinitta Backpack
  • Sandra Shoulder Bag Samantha Overnight Bag
  • Sinitta Backpack
  • Samantha Overnight Bag
  • Sandra Shoulder Bag
  • Sandra Shoulder Bag, Pink/Blue Colourway
  • Sinitta Mini Backpack, Pink/Blue Colourway
  • Samantha Overnight Bag, Pink/Grey Colourway
  • Sinitta Mini Backpack, Pink/Grey Colourway
  • Mood Board
  • Consumer Board
  • Colour Palette

The Mejc brand created for my final year specifically targets then Tween and Teen consumer. Through extensive research on this demographic, the final outcome has been designed to appeal to a younger audience. The shapes of the products and the detailing encapsulates the essence of youth and shows commercial awareness of the audience.

The inspiration from colour palette to shape has taken it's influence from 1980's pop stars and their music. The synthetic tones and overly sweet melodies have been translated into unique prints, in pink and blue hues, to embody the spirit of the female pop movement. The purposely designed prints have been applied to commercially viable products, perfectly fusing shape and print into one cohesive collection.

Photography: Gaby Deimeke

Styling: Ismail Laraqui

Models: Lori Fernley and Krystal Wang

Email: max.cunningham1@hotmail.co.uk

Instagram: max.c94