• Quadrille of the Dead
  • NakatanKa Medicine woman.
  • Patient rcovering in hospital with Boils.
  • Tarot Card inspired bodypaint The Tower Card.
  • Severed head Sculpt
  • Drowned
  • beauty and the beast Mask
  • Silicone Ghoul Masks
  • Severed head
  • Unborn
  • Old Age Transgender Silicone Mask
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Girl with all the gifts - Hungries
  • Ghoul Sculpt
  • Silicone hands
  • Silicone hand
  • Hungry

My portfolio is diverse, taking inspiration from history, art, fantasy and contemporary culture, with an emphasis on realism. I am experienced in character design, the making and application of prosthetic appliances, sculpting, wig design, postiche, prop design and hairdressing. My previous qualifications and experience includes hairdressing, beauty therapy, wig making and theatrical makeup before I went on to complete this course in film and tv makeup.
I’m quick to adapt to new working environments whether it be working in my studio in East London, creating effects on set or applying makeup with fast turnarounds backstage in the theatre and in busy crowd rooms.