Nandita Lovage

BA (Hons) Photography 2010

Camberwell College of Arts


My work has been a varied but steady development over the course of my time at Camberwell, areas of interest have centred around ideas of reality and the ability of the camera to capture it. From photograms to large format cameras, I have experimented with materials and means of capturing photographing images, as well as examining the most fundamental tool of photography - light.

My latest series of work attempts to transcend the physical and instead challenging the camera to capture a psychological journey. The photographs explore the relationship between a strived for ideal and reality; recording individual’s mental and physical struggles to meditate. Through photographing domestic as well as communal environments of prayer I have been keen to investigate the role space has on the subconscious. I am interested in attempts to photograph and video acts of prayer because of the seemingly unattainable nature of recording an internal world through the physical sphere.




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