Nina Paszkowski

BA (Hons) Painting 2013

Camberwell College of Arts


I see my paintings as sets that invite unexpected dialogue between re-contextualised and distorted images. Inspired by theatre and cinema, my work takes a theatrical approach to its construction depending on how each image relates to the next. The spontaneity of this progressive arrangement comes from various digital processes of juxtaposing and overlaying visual information, as mixed narratives and clashing realities are brought together to reform into a scenario of an absurd spectacle. It is important to me that there is a flavour of a possible narrative to the viewer by the insertion of recognisable elements, yet it is all the more important that the images’ bewildering new contexts trigger feelings of unease or confusion. More than anything, I see painting as a possibility to reshape and question our infinitely fragmented view of our environment into something that feels inexplicably familiar yet seems to belong to an illogical realm, staged and unreal. Considering this, my work examines the idea of selective perception and how it can be further understood or challenged by playing with order and chaos within the pictorial space.



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