• Love
  • Nourishment
  • Carry the baby.
  • Gathering
  • Feed them.
  • Family
  • Nourishment
  • Hold the bowl
  • On the back
  • Protect
  • Kindness

What is the meaning of human has discussed for the past centuries not only in philosophy but also in sociology. With the rapid development of technology and science, through a precision medical instrument, human beings are the same with each other. On the one hand, we have the same systems like skeleton (joint) system, breathing system, internal system, digestive system and so on. The poem motivated me to consider about the most basic composition in us. On the other hand, in humanities, people or human is a kind of animal, also have the similarity with living beings. Inside of people, the original composition which is hidden inside, located deeply and is fundamental nature that made us same as other species. The original part is instinct, and as a living thing, protection is the most fundamental consciousness in mind.

Seen me as the project research subject, and thinking what is important to me in the past twenty-three years. Based on myself, finding the object which I want to protect and carry around the body. Firstly, as for me, kindness, tenderness, and love are the same as each other, they are the most important characteristic for me. Then, in everyone’s mind, family play a role. Thirdly, as a healthy human, nourishment is an essential in our daily life, especially in fast city life. Enough amount of nutrition will provide enough motivation and raise the quality of life.

The aim of my project is to fabricate a collection of six pieces of personal adornment that can not be identified as jewelry or accessories. These artefacts should be seen as an object that close to the skin and decorate human body but different with traditional accessories. The collection can be put onto the body as a wearable object, but also sit on the desk as an artwork separately.

The project based on the research of instinctive protection, and looking at the relationship between body and objects. I try to use leather to tell the story of the protective instinct of human being.

Photographer: David Chen
MUA: Chensy Guan
Model: Shardae Rose Angel

E-mail: nixiaoyu93@gmail.com
Instagram: niki_nixiaoyu