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  • Raphael Delan's Fashion Footwear Master's Project Final Commentary
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This collection mixes old with new: It takes a new approach to Art Deco design and blends it with the latest technological elements.

Delan was inspired by his grandfathers carpentry skills and spent much of his teenage years with him in his Swiss workshop watching him bending plywood into smooth, warm curves. These shapes have stayed with him ever since - the influence of which can be seen in the plywood soles; a new component that pushes the traditional boundaries of shoe making. Another important aspect of the project draws upon the influence of Art Deco; a period that represents the transition of the overwhelming shapes of Art Nouveau to the minimal lines of the Bauhaus movement. This design concept is a perfect fit for this collection, where the femininity of the curves accommodates the natural organic shapes that a wearable shoe requires.

This collection brings Art Deco into the present to create a contemporary design vision. The materials wood, leather and aluminium once again blend the past with the present where traditional materials meet the latest mechanical methodologies. A nostalgia for the past is further evoked by the muted autumn colours of the three leathers.

Herbert Briers Keable at CS Keable / rhino3d.ch
Erhard Gysin and the Bally Shoe Factories Ltd.
Jürg Mock & Heiner Albicker at Hess & Co.
Jürg Feissli at Berner Fachhochschule BFH Bienne
Alain Bucher at alainbucher.ch

Even though he made his first pair of bespoke shoes more than twenty years ago, there were some distractions along the way: Raphaël Delan worked as a professional DJ and event organiser eventually becoming marketing consultant for Swiss media group Tamedia Ltd. In 1999, he opened his own record shop which became a defining platform at the forefront of the Swiss music-, event- and club scene.

A decade later, Delan finally pursued his long desired career to design women’s footwear and moved to London to study MA Fashion Footwear Design at London College of Fashion.

Delan’s collaborative approach won him sponsorship from three companies, including BALLY with whom he developed his final project. He aims to combine design knowledge with his broad understanding of business and brand development.
Raphaël Delan also regularly lectures in Sound Design at the University of Applied Science in Bern, Switzerland.