Regina Souli

Mres Art: Exhibition Studies 2013

Central Saint Martins

  • Orchestra Notation/ Beethoven Symphony No.5
  • Orchestra Notation/ Mozart Symphony No.40
  • Degree Show/ Orchestra notation posters
  • Timeline music
  • Artist As Curator, Whitechapel
  • Artist As Curator, Whitechapel
  • Paulsen book exhibition
  • Paulsen book exhibition
  • Paulsen book exhibition


After completed MA in Graphic Design at London College of Communication, Regina continued her studies into contemporary art, MRES Exhibition Studies at Central Saint Martins.

During her postgraduate studies in LCC, she had the opportunity to combine her passion for music with graphic design, exploring communication design.

Her Major Project for MA focuses on the structure of classical orchestra music. The aim of this project is to offer additional information to a listener who wants to understand the process of an orchestra performance and the different parts which are contained. For her final outcome, she created a notation system presenting the first seconds of two symphonies visualised using four music elements such as pitch, time duration, instrumentation and dynamics of volume.

During her studies at CSM, she was particularly interested in the
history of graphic and architectural design in the field of contemporary art exhibitions and for her final research project she focused on an extended archival research for the exhibition ‘Cities on the Move’, which took place at the Hayward Gallery in 1999.

Also, along with three fellow students and the assistance of their tutors they organised an international conference at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, under the title “Artist as Curator: Collaborative Practices”, 19 April 2013. As a graphic designer, she also gave the symposium its visual identity and designed digital and print applications for the event.

Her work as part of the MRes Art: Exhibition Studies programme gave her a new perspective on her design practice. It specifically informed the design of an exhibition of photographic books and material that her former design studio "Design Devision' undertook, under the title “Paulsen Collection Book Launch and Exhibition” and for the first time she’d worked in this way.

Currently lives and works in Athens, Greece developing her graphic design studio and looking to design more exhibitions in the future.




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