• LCF Press Show 2012: Patchwork dress and printed scarf by Rose Irwin, Swimsuit by Diana Auria and Jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork trousers and visor by Rose Irwin, swimsuit by Diana Auria and jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork boiler suit and visor by Rose Irwin, Swimsuit by Diana Auria and jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork trouser and printed scarves by Rose Irwin, PVC bodice by Diana Auria and jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork Jumper and visor by Rose Irwin, bikini briefs by Diana Auria and jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork bomber jacket and visor by Rose Irwin, swimsuit by Diana Auria and jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Patchwork T-Shirt and Visor by Rose irwin, Bikini Briefs by Diana Auria and Jewellery by Lili Colley
  • Printed head scarf by Rose irwin, Swimsuit by Diana Auria
  • Press Show Collaboration , image by Hill and Aubrey
  • Patchwork silk taffetta bomber jacket as featured on as cover for single 'Greatness' by Tanya Lacey ft. Kano. Shot in Antigua.
  • Line-up Fronts: Clothing, bags and shoes by Rose Irwin , Jewellery by Lisa Watson, LCF 2012 graduate.
  • Line-up : Side view
  • Line-up: Back view
  • Patchwork Visor 1
  • Patchwork Visor 2
  • Patchwork Visor 4
  • Patchwork Visor 5
  • Patchwork Visor 3
  • Patchwork Visor 6
  • Look 1: Silk Patchwork Bomber styled with rings by Lisa Watson (LCF BA hons Jewellery 2012)
  • Look 1: Patchworked, Silk Tailored Sport Trouser styled with Lilac Gloss Clutch and Rings by Lisa Watson.
  • Look 2: Sand-washed and satin silk patchwork over-sized Track suit Jacket. Styled with Rings by Lisa Watson and Lilac Clutch.
  • Look 3: Track Suit. Sand washed silk and cotton velvet. Styled with Fluro Trainer Pouch & Bangle by Lisa Watson
  • Look 4: Silk Boxing shorts and silk T-shirt, styled with Bangle by Lisa Watson
  • Look 5: Sports Dress.
  • Look 6: Ski Suit
  • Print development from patchwork samples
  • Patchwork development into print designs
  • Patchwork development into print designs
  • Patchwork development into print designs
  • Patchwork development into print designs
  • Patchwork development into print designs

London based Womenswear designer, strong focus on craft enhanced by creative pattern-cutting.


London College of Fashion:
BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear

University for the Creative Arts, Farnham,Surrey.
Foundation Dipolma: Fashion and Textiles

St John the Baptist Sixth Form:
9 A/AS Levels A-C


Topshop: Design Role/ Assisting Tailoring Designers

Jonathan Saunders: Pattern Cutting / Production Intern

Tatty Devine: Studio assistant

Davina Hawthorne: Studio assistant

Originating from a desire to achieve both pattern and texture from my designs, I adopted the unique craft of patchwork. I looked at the Amish Lancaster quilts for colour inspiration and fused this colour saturated pallette with fresh pastels and fluros from the British 80's 'street' look. With contextual research exploring 70's fashions and fads (an era that has earned itself the title of 'Fashion's Wasteland' and the 'Decade style forgot), I found much enjoyment in analysing the fashion 'faux-pas' and novelty of Glam Rock dress, and the contrast with the mass-produced world of catalogue clothing.

The technique of patchwork for me contains heritage, creativity and individuality ,patching each section of fabric together separately. My collection was made predominately of silks - taffetas, crepe de chines, sand-washed and satins. The use of the different types of silk cut on different angles, complemented by pattern and colour, is what I have found most enjoyable in making my collection. I have recently designed a range of digitally printed silk scarves to accompany my collection ,along with a selection of perspex patchwork visors for the LCF Press show ,which I have found exciting to design. The end result has been bold, impactful and vibrant!

The intention of the collection has been achieved in the production of a range which is wearable in the most practical sense- yet stand-out in its colours and craft.