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  • Ryo Himuro, LCF 2010

Ryo Himuro’s first S/S collection is released Russian ethnic look mixed with neon pink rings, bright orange or light blue heart necklaces, neon yellow lung necklaces, big heart cushion and so many different accessories. He tried to put historical ethnic fashion together with vivid colour and unique shape accessories and challenge to make something new.

Accessesories inspiration:
Heavy decorated accessories is appeared as a chief of the ethnic people when the ceremonial occasion. The reason why he used vivid code and producing accessories instead of using historical trimming or ethnic beading is to attempt giving a bright and clean impression to people by flushing colour. The shape of accessories are found from different sources, some heart and rings are from disentanglement puzzle, big heart shape is from wedding decorations, some rings are from belt buckles, and some small rings are from an item of mountain climbing.

Ryo Himuro
What I believe all designs are from broad and deep research and keeping exerting.