Samantha Penn

BA Fine Art: Time-Based Media 2011

Wimbledon College of Arts


  • fools and
  • Old Wounds for DVD


I like to investigate throwaway comment and action in my work, which aims to expose and manipulate the constructs which inevitably underpin video as we encounter it, out 'in the real world'.

I am interested in the bonds which shape groups of people, and in autodidactic activities. These interests combine in my work, which builds new quasi scenarios out of existing events. My replicated world often lacks a clear narrative, instead using moments which exist (do they work? do they not work?) as signposts to guide visitors along. I collect mundane episodes, which fall far outside the parameters of what is considered 'entertainment', and show them partly for what they are, partly as something new. I like the idea that anyone could do the same if they wanted to, producing entirely different results.

My recent video works explicitly with televisual constructs. It is, to me at least, a confusing deconstruction of a piece of discarded documentary footage. I'd like to leave interpretations of it to others.



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