Sasha Bowles

MA Fine Art 2013

Wimbledon College of Arts


An exploration of the ways that memories can ebb and flow from one thing to another. Memories can be called up deliberately or rise up involuntarily from a trigger. Memory that is re-remembered gives us a new meaning in a new context. Each re-visitation leaves a trace, a layering of traces; leaving a representation or image of something that is displaced and refers beyond itself. The rubbing out, removing and wearing away allows for the trace to be overtaken by new images.

Our memories make us who we are. Our past defines us. Our experiences and the memories that we hold of them are unique to us. Without these we no longer have a framework for being. Without memories of yourself, you have nothing to draw upon for reference; you are no-one in no time or place, an abstract existence without context. When we remember the past we are at the same time remembering ourselves.

Within the work there is a conscious embracing of art history. The work evolves from personal memory that in turn triggers other recollections: there may be a suggestion of a well known landscape or figurative painting; at which point this is incorporated into the work. Images reveal themselves, folding in and over each other. Within these folds there are spaces of clarity and areas of vague liminality.

The aim is to create something which embraces the artistic process, exploring the joy of creating and allowing the imagination to take me to an intermediary realm, combining memory, fact and fiction.



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