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The collection seeks to explore techniques of narration, through focusing on early colour developments in cinema and the point in which rehearsal becomes performance within theatre. Colour plays a central part, with ideas stemming from an exploration into Technicolor, aiming to capture the saturated yet fragile qualities of early moving image.

Fabric choice is informed by colour experiments, comparing how the colour of an object changes when it is photographed digitally or using 35 mm film. The aim is to create garments which appear ‘analogue’ in colour using tulle as ‘film’ or layers of ‘film’ layered upon block colour (matched to the digital images) to change the base hue to its filmic counterpart. Sections of tulle are left open in order to allow the solid undergarment to be exposed in movement, creating flickers of bright colour amongst the otherwise neutral over garments, embodying the inconsistency of colour in early moving image.

Finishes are dictated by the desire to present garments that reveal process, seams themselves are exposed, edges left raw but cut precisely. Fabrics are ‘fine’ in their nature, wool crepe bonded to silk crepe back satin of the same colour to provide texture, contrasting shine with matt. Tulle is gathered in places creating light and shade coupled with found jersey t-shirting, screen-printed black on black to provide subtle textural differences.

Silhouette is mostly derived from a meditation upon the transformational process a dancer engages in from rehearsal to performance. Focusing upon the layering of sportswear and costume, these elements of research were translated into a multi layered collection each piece designed to function post-minimally- simple on its own but transformational when layered in different ways.

Meadham Kirchhoff-
Assistant/Patterncutter, Autumn/Winter 2011- Present