• reconstruction of blazer
  • reconstruction of blazer (front)
  • reconstruction of trousers(front)
  • reconstruction of trousers(back)
  • reconstruction of gentleman's shirt
  • metal frame & pockets (front)
  • metal frame & pockets (back)
  • reconstruction of gentleman's vest coat (front)
  • reconstruction of gentleman's vest coat (back)

I want to offer new proposal for the return of wearable artefacts. I would like to create a collection of wearable artefacts which use the idea of the ‘first bag’– pocket, and then represent this concept use the modern contemporary art way.
Moreover, deconstructing the gentleman’s suit and redesign the traditional suit pattern, then, reconstruct the gentleman’s suit combine the elements of jewellery design, handbag design and fashion design. This combination is in order to represent to relationship between the different subject and language and evidence fashion can function. The artefacts may offer people the opportunity to experience works that perfectly merge artistic and functional intention, as the images that follow so beautifully
What’s more important in this project is to explore the material language between different material, such as leather, fabric and metal. Trying to use different material to show the different emotions and language. Also to develop the combinations between traditional techniques and new one. Experiment on different material and find out the possibilities of material combination.