• Blue and black goose feather shorts
  • Cream muslin dress with black goose feathers. Helmet and shoes by Rob Goodwin
  • Cream wool dress with black goose feathers. Shoes by Rob Goodwin
  • White cotton shirt with blue and black goose feather shorts
  • Cream raw linen blazer with burnt ostrich sleeve with cream raw silk dress with handmade black net
  • White cotton shirt with burnt ostrich feathers
  • Blue goose feather skirt
  • Orange and blue goose feather jacket
  • Yellow and orange goose feather skirt

‘A Girl restored to Life’ is a collection that challenges the preconceived ideas of using feathers in fashion and is underpinned by research into ‘Kanikani-Aula,’ an ancient Hawaiian folk tale about a beautiful girl restored to life by the King’s runner Eleio who is rewarded by her parents with a feather cloak. The collection is archaeological in approach and revives ancient feathering techniques coupled with the technology of laser cutting.

Building a community surrounding the project was integral to the collection. Using both her family and other students, Sophie's project pasted on ancient skills to all ages and types of people who would otherwise not meet. The most important relationship to the collection was that of Mother and Daughter. The collection reversed the natural role of the mother passing on skills to the daughter.

Using feathering in a contemporary context ensures the feathers are continued to be used and not lost forever. To achieve this look Sophie developed her own feathering techniques and experimented with different fabrics and feathers as well as with ink blots whose unconventional and spontaneous patterns provided the basis for the feather placement. The silhouette created is loose and raw with unfinished edges and in a palette of black, cream, blue, coral and yellow.

Sophie has undertaken a number of work placements including one with Philip Treacy