Stefanie Schwarz

MA Communication Design 2012

Central Saint Martins


Stefanie Schwarz is a graphic designer with a focus on typography and type design.

Her master thesis "Playing type" investigates how interactive type can be designed and used as a creative tool. Visual attributes of typefaces, like style, colour or size, have always given an additional meaning to the text’s content. Interactivity can take this form-aspect to another level. By adding behaviour, letter shapes are able to respond to time and usage. Such interactive applications are tools that enable an alternative way of typing/writing as the displayed text is processing, hence enriching while in use – or rather because it is in use.

Input might be a physical action, like movement or sound, or any set of data, like text or figures. The project aims to raise awareness of possibilities offered by (new) technologies and encourage other designers to explore and use them, thus create individualised tools and applications as an alternative to mainstream devices and software.



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