Susan P Healey

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2011

Central Saint Martins


My practice spans the disciplines of sculpture, performance, installation, photography and drawing. During my five year part time student career at Central Saint Martins, my studio practice has centred on the performative potential of costume in evoking the absence or presence of the body and in constructing and articulating identity, gender, sexuality and the interplay of power in human relations.

I have been drawn to iconic costume, making works which offer social commentary and psychological observation and which reflect an interest in theories concerning the ways in which early influences within the family play themselves out in later life.

I periodically use performance as a device to punctuate the production of work, enabling me better to see issues I may be acting out in my own studio practice.

Recent concerns have been with the implications of allowing a practice to unravel, and with the part un-making has to play in the development of both the work and the person of the artist. In this regard, my current interests have shifted from refinement of technique and development of existing skills to cathartic play with new materials and techniques, and to experimentation with the figurative, allowing for an opening up into new areas of possibility for my studio work.



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