Tahira Mandarino

MFA Fine Art 2014

Wimbledon College of Arts


Through the use of site, text, audio, found or made objects, performance and film, I find different ways of interpreting a relationship with the inanimate and the animate. My interest is in the way that people form relationships with what we understand as an inanimate thing or object. Through various media, I may alter an object, find ways to remake it, or I will use props if it is a site responsive piece. This process of collecting, remaking and re-inventing allows the unconscious to unfold. Playing with narratives around a collected object or site arouses possibilities and an element of chance interweaving time with human histories and stories sometimes fictional, intimate or personal .

Audience reactions to my instinctively chosen and sited objects in relation to particular spaces, inform what I may use in further projects. Viewers are key to the development of my work as it is their subjective opinion of this that encourages an uncovering of images and memories that becomes imbued within the work. Using familiar props to stage the everyday is my way of creating individual sets that uncover a story.



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