• /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/Shooting/Photographs by Adrien Daste
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/Shooting/Photographs by Adrien Daste
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/Φ1/Photographs by Adrien Daste
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/Φ2/Photographs by Adrien Daste
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/Moodboard
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/LIne up Illustration
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/The Platform collection/ Hand drawings
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/The Heels collection/ Hand drawings
  • /HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order/The Wedges collection/ Hand drawings
  • /SALO_aw12/Shooting/Photographs by Adrien Daste
  • /SALO_aw12/Mooodboard
  • /SALO_aw12/Maggi
  • /SALO_aw12/Maggi_Illustration
  • /SALO_aw12/Castelli_Illustration
  • /SALO_aw12/Vaccari_Illustration
  • /SALO_aw12/Vescovo_Illustration

Photographs by Adrien Daste
Editing by Vasileios Kalamidas
Model: Joanna Kouremenou
Beach Blanket Babylon/ Shoreditch

HIs last two projects he worked on during his studies in Cordwainers:

HYPOPHYSIS_Made to Order (Final Major Project)
SALO or The 120 Days of Sodom_aw12

Vasileios Kalamidas is a Greek footwear designer, based in London. While studying at Cordwainers in London College of Fashion, Vasileios has established his style in footwear. His work is characterised by minimalism within the haute couture structure of his shoes, offering an emotional euphoria to the viewer/customer.

His ethos is not only to respect the English heritage of handmade shoemaking but also to apply innovative ideas in design and construction development. Perceiving shoes as the ultimate luxury product for a woman, their necessity and beauty within their form’ Vasileios creates artefact wearable pieces that aim to last in time.

His site is under construction