Takanori Yashiro

BA (Hons) Interaction and Moving Image 2014

London College of Communication

  • PLANET 8
  • PLANET 8
  • PLANET 8
  • PLANET 8


I am motion designer based in London. I have worked across a range of visual content including motion graphics, broadcast design.

My animation PLANET 8 is science fiction story about a creature on a desolate planet. It hunts for precious materials while aiming to evolve (ecdysis). When it has got the sought material, it burst from its shell. This was the beginning of the story and it will continue forever.

The biggest question in my dissertation was why one of the most striking features of Japanese anime is its fascination with the theme of dystopia?
There are some background factors such as Natural disasters, fear of war, nuclear bombs and the economic downturn. However, my answer to the question is that the Japanese fascination with the dystopian themes that are so recurrent in manga and anime has to be found within the collective memory. In fact, if we address the matterfrom a different perspective we can notice that the "great destructive wave is perhaps a consequence of an intense desire to delete everything and startagain". My reaction was to create an animation and clarify it by giving a visualof my answer "delete everything and start again".




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