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  • Visage of Space - Arago
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"Cutting without slicing, reflective and yet shadowed. Where malleable becomes defined."

Conceptually based on the subject of Space & Astronomy.
Inspiration was drawn from the colours, depth, aesthetic shapes, patterns and wisp like translucency found in nebulas and galaxies. A key focus material of the research was into the future of fashion in 3D printing.

The project theme challenges hard and soft materials into a wearable, harmonious product of beauty and design for the future consumer. 

Photography: Mihkel Mõttus
Model: Nayab Ahmed

A mixed media artist, specializing into Footwear. Adept in technical drawings, adobe design suite and use of graphical tablets. Previously worked with Dr. Martens Airwair International, Kat Maconie, Phildon Footwear and Eternal Best.

A well rounded, enthusiastic and proactive individual. Keen in experimenting with contrasting materials, perspex, plastics, metals and wood in combination with leathers and natural fibers. A love for design and innovation, layers and construction.

Seeking creative opportunities in luxury, high street and collaborative work. Currently learning to utilize the 3D modeling program called Blender.

Contact: yenahn@gmail.com

Tommy Hilfiger: http://www.arts.ac.uk/fashion/business-and-innovation/industry-projects/tommy-hilfiger-prep-passport/