• Half moon clutch bag
  • Round clutch bag
  • Round clutch bag
  • Double square coin purse
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  • Coin purse & Handle
  • Whisper of Fingers
  • Whisper of Fingers
  • Round clutch bag_ zipper closure
  • Round clutch bag_magnetic closure
  • Halfmoon clutch bag_zipper closure
  • Square clutch bag_magnetic closure
  • Double square coin purse
  • Handle
  • YEUNJIN YEO_Whisper of Fingers

Yeunjin Yeo_Bag & Accessory designer and maker

Whisper of Fingers

The aim of my MA project is to suggest a new handle proposal which is the corporal link between a hand and an object. And this handle can be a bag and a wearable artefact. In this project I focused on developing ideas of hand gesture that how to holding a handle and how people carry with object from a research and a describing a space which is holding by hand.

I conducted this final collection on the functional and aesthetic value of the modern handbag as a source of integrative understanding of the human body, especially hands.

Main materials are resin and metal for handles and sub materials are leather, wood, acrylic board and metal for a box, a bag or a frame.

Accessory designer & maker_Yeunjin Yeo
Photography_Keundo Song (skd3927@gmail.com)
Film_Yoonji Lee (yoon.z.kimun@gmail.com)
Hair & Make-up_Jinhee Baek (baekjinhee@gmail.com)
Model_Lydia H