Zehra Arslan

BA (Hons) Fine Art 2013

Chelsea College of Arts


Zehra Arslan's work is concerned with the relationship between an artwork, its setting and the viewer. Familiarity and displacement are recurring themes that are often approached in a playful manner. The transformative impact of her practice on the space the artwork inhabits, creates an elsewhere in which found object and materials (from construction materials to fabric, reclaimed wood and metal) transcend their original purpose and meaning. The work oscillates between dynamics and statics, coincidence and intent, chaos and order. Whether in her small-scale architectonic models or her monumental installations, the work always stands in intensive dialogue with the space that surrounds it. Her installations are also time-specific, making no claim to permanency. They can thus be understood as an architectural snapshot. Despite their sometime monumental impact and dynamic momentum, they remain delicate and fragile.



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